The Impact Of Referendums On Democracy? Essay example

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What is the impact of referendums on democracy? Include examples from the UK and other countries.
A referendum is a direct vote in which an entire electorate is asked to vote on a particular proposal. This may result in the adoption of new constitution, a constitutional amendment, or a law. Whether referendums are initiated by governments, presidents or voters the issues can differ from constitutional amendments, electoral system change and national independence to EU membership and EU treaties. ‘Referendums are universal. Of the major democracies only the US, India, Japan and Israel have never experienced one at the nationwide level, and the US, of course, has had thousands in individual states. The referendums have varied enormously in purpose, conduct and outcome.’ The decisions obtained by referendums are decisions taken by the people living in the country. By the means of using referendum, we can see what people’s opinion on different topics is, and issues can be determined by the voting majority. Even when governors decide whether a referendum will be held and fix the text on the ballot, voters themselves decide the outcome of it. Referendums are considered to play a very important role for the progress of democratic countries, as they have direct influence on the government and therefore on the development of the countries, as they can define theirs’. The purpose of this essay is to examine what is the impact of referendums on democracy and how it influences…

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