The Impact Of Employee Related Activities On Employees Work And Lean Up Business Process

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Employee-related activities
As we can see, the company has implemented many activities and programs to save more energy and reduce waste, which could harm the environment and creating more pollution. In order to be successful, employees need to participate and cooperate with the company. According to Porter and Kramer (2006), every strategy that the company uses could impact the society more or less. We can analyze by consider in the value chain. 3Rs policy is related to employee and business operation. For reduction policy, implementing paperless ordering system could help reduce paper waste in business operation. It could help to reduce paper consumption and save the environment. Paperless concept could lead the business to lean initiative by cutting unnecessary information or using e-document instead. This concept could effect the way that employees work and lean up business process. It could also save printing ink, which consider being hazardous materials. Printing activity could create air pollution within the office and create negative affect on employee performance. Paperless concept can let employees focus only important information. Therefore, the policy can give a huge benefit on time and cost saving for the company. Moreover, it relates directly to support activities in procurement as utilization of natural resources. Furthermore, carpool policy and encourage employees to use public transport could generate fuel saving and carbon…

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