Essay about The Impact Of Digital Media On Physical Media

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What was once a single public website created by a college dropout has become an empire of trafficking communities, used by millions of people each year to pirate music, movies, videogames, and more. Napster has evolved from a small file sharing site into a network of peer to peer websites and bit-torrenting clients that accounts for nearly five percent of all traffic on the internet. Tracking the cost of piracy has been extremely difficult and statistics documenting the incurred losses on major entertainment industries often come from studies funded by the entertainment industry itself, and contain biased and unsubstantiated numbers. The intellectual property movement has made no progress in slowing piracy and can actually be attributed to its rise in popularity. My paper will address the root cause of piracy and why so many people do it, why the copyright war has backfired, the real cost of piracy, and the future of protected media.
One of the single greatest advantages that digital media has over physical media is that it exists in a format that can very quickly and easily be converted to be played on almost every device, in every location across the globe. By being the most convenient and affordable option for consumers, digital downloads are steadily phasing out physical goods, and have become the preferred method of ownership for many products. In all the paranoia and fear of having downloaded goods stolen, major purchasing platforms have resorted implanting digital…

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