The Impact of 2010 Iom Survey on Nursing Essay example

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The impact of the 2010 IOM report on nursing: Health care industry is a rapidly expanding field with new findings in research and innovation. The career of nursing stands out among all other fields not only in United States of America but in all parts of the world. The 2010 report from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) along with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) addressed many aspects in nursing. The impact of this report on nursing practice will be discussed below, with regard to nursing practice, nursing education, and a nurse’s role as a leader. Development in nursing recognizes the changing health care sector in the U.S. and tailors the future vision of health care and the role of nurses to …show more content…
Patient care has become more complex and nurses need to be trained in more areas in order to provide a high quality of care. The committee made the following recommendations: 1. The U.S. should see an increase in number of nurses with BSN degree by 80% by 2020 2. Nurses should engage in lifelong learning by continuing educational courses even after receiving their nursing license. 3. The State Board of Nursing, Federal and health care organization should support the implementation of nursing residency. Nursing residency programs should be offered subsequent to the completion of an advanced practice degree program or upon joining a new clinical practice area. The anticipated change in nursing practice and education has brought great respect to the field. Many State Boards of nursing in the U.S. have BSN degree as a requirement for an entry level nurse. In the past centuries nursing was considered to be nursing at the bed side and follow the doctor’s orders whatever it may be. Nurses did not have any autonomy in decision making. Nurses now know they do not have to be restricted to bedside nursing alone. A nurse with higher education can participate in directing and advancing the health care system, a legal consultant to health care facility, a chief executive officer of a facility .

The impact of report on transforming practice: There is a huge impact

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