The Identity Wheel And My Notes From The Interview Essay

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Looking over the identity wheels and my notes from the interview, I noticed that Mr. D acknowledged certain parts of his identity much more than other parts of his identity. Mr. D is a newly opened bisexual male. He talked about this part of his identity the most throughout our conversations. He talked about how he was a target and how that made him feel. He talked about how his newly found identity was a problem for his wife and that was one of the reasons they got a divorce. How expressed some anger sadness towards his ex-wife on how she handle it. He felt like she devalued him because he had thoughts of bisexuality fantasies. He also talked about how his religion played a critical role in this decision. Mr. D is Jewish and the Jewish faith do not believe in homosexuality. Jewish faith states that homosexuality is against the law in the Torah, according to Mr. D. He said that for many years he had those thoughts about both sexes but he repressed those thoughts because he did not want to kicked out of them Jewish community. He said that the Jewish community was a big family and he did not want to lose his family because of his sexual desires. Mr. D considers himself a true believer of the Jews faith, but he cannot fight the feelings he has about men and women. Once he got older, he adopted an “I do not care anymore” attitude. He started revisiting those thoughts, but he had to be careful because he was married. He tried to open up to his wife but she was not interested in…

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