The Human Brain : The Greatest Inventions Of Our History Essay example

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The human brain is unquestionably one of the greatest inventions in our history. No MacBook Pro or 100,000 dollar super customized computer that glows blue and displays holograms of your celebrity crush can stand up to the processing power of the brain. In one second it pumps blood, allows you to breathe, cleanses the blood stream, and destroys any antigens that may be in your bloodstream. It can perform all these tasks in one second without you even telling it to. Also, it allows you to have your own private thoughts that are secluded from all other functions. Sadly, as amazing as it is, the brain is just another part of the body. Like all other parts it can get sick. One such ailment is Alzheimer’s disease.
Imagine meeting your soul mate. That one random meeting that you knew was about to change your life. They have the perfect body, they like all the same things as you. When you’re around them, its euphoria. Your parents even like them. Now imagine waking up next to that person and not being able to call their name. Imagine going out to dinner and forgetting that you went out because it’s your 30th wedding anniversary. Imagine having a stranger cook and clean for you, and no matter what you say they won’t leave your house. Imagine running to the bathroom and locking the door to talk to your only friend in the mirror. Imagine closing your eyes and kissing your lover and opening your eyes to that darn stalker who always up in your house, going through your checkbooks…

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