The Hour Of Death, By Phillipe Aries, And Muslim Becoming By Naveeda Khan

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The relationship of society and religion is and has always been an important and complex issue in the study of religion. Religion has the immense power to influence people to think, feel and act in certain ways. It is inherent within many aspects of society and affects our cultural values, politics and economics. Thus, in this way, religion and society are not separate but are inevitably interrelated and connected. By examining a society’s behavior and attitudes we are led to an awareness and understanding of the religiosity that exists in their subconscious. Through the theories explicated in “The Hour of Death”, by Phillipe Aries, and “Muslim Becoming” by Naveeda Khan, we gain an insight into how society’s behavior and attitudes are influenced by or through religion. As a scholar of religion these theories are important as it allows us to examine and understand the possibilities of how religion shapes, sustain and transforms in society.
In ‘The Hour of Death’, Aries discusses how society expresses religion in its mentalities and behavior towards the issue of death and dying. Aries undertook an immense historical analysis of Western mentalities (primarily French, English and America) towards death and dying over the last 1,000 years. Through his examination of source documents, such as wills, literary, archaeological and liturgical, and visits to churches, tombs, and graveyards in European churches, Aries “tries to decipher, beyond the intentions of the writers and…

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