Essay about The Hope For Nuclear Energy As A Source Of Power

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The Hope for Nuclear Energy as a Source of Power
It is a true fact that the world’s population is ever increasing and as a result, there is a consequent increase in the demand for energy to serve the needs of this fast growing populace, especially in the developed countries. Crude oil, natural gas, coal and other fossil fuels have been in use as an energy source for a long period but the fact that they are relatively expensive and emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere when burnt has given room for consideration of alternative energy sources. These gases on their own also have long and short term effects on human and the cause global warming. The cost of fossil fuels is on the increase and is also declining in reserve. It is a result of these that many countries have resorted to introduce other alternative means of energy sources such as renewable energy sources as they are relatively cheap and do not pollute the atmosphere by releasing unwanted gases. Amongst the renewable energy sources are wind, solar, hydro, biomass and nuclear energy. Electricity is also one form of energy that is derived from the use of other sources of renewable energy and it is also an aspect of the increasing human population that desires much attention. Nuclear energy, which is the topic of discussion, is also cheap and favored due to the large quantity of global uranium reserve and can produce large amount of electricity. Thus, it becomes a good candidate for alternative energy…

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