The Home Page Information Like Upcoming Events Essay

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The home page had information like upcoming events. The organization had several national events across different parts of countries, in different cities. The users can sort events by date. Along with the name of the cities and venues for the events, a Google map would also be displayed within it with the pin point location of the venue. If the user had turned on their current location, then the Google map would also display the distance from their location to the charity venue.
The website had a login feature. In that the users can enter their account id and password in order to login into the website. After the login, the user can see their account details and other functions like the amount that they previously donated and so on. There was a register button for the first time users where they have to enter all the necessary details. Details like first name, email id, phone number were set as the primary keys. Other secondary details such as second name, phone number, address were kept as secondary keys.
The website had a database which stored all the data of the charity makers and their amount of the charity with the mode of payment. MySQL is used for the storage and management of the database. The administrator can also generate the report for the total charity of the month takes place. The administrative side of the website can access the website with the data and checks the record. Moreover, the website also had the information about the employees with their salary…

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