Essay about The Hastages From Social Media

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My analyze case studies relating is to about three of the hastages from social media. The most of important that my research is collect information about these hastags that I picked three. Three of hastages is an impact to our social change. It is a really loud media in the world as many reports replied many things in happen for the people community. The sharing is the power spreading in the media as popular culture as our society behavior to how react quickly in their angry or out of blue in the control. Three of the hashtag were succeed
• #WhyISign
A deaf woman person, who was created the name “WhyISign”, named, is Stacy Abrams. She created the name it for hearing famiies based on then journey when they learned sign language. In often they would come up to her and ask why these parents chose to sign with her. Now the role of reversed, she realized that every family has a different journey with ASL. She went ahead and created #WhyISign, for the families who can share experiences based on their ASL journey. It went over to the deaf community where they can share their experiences as well. This way, the parents and the children can relate and learn from them. With those two groups, and other communities such as CODAS, professionals, SLP, audiologists, and other, we can support our signs. All of those communities have become a “hub” where they can all share then stories. The hub is our connection to ASL and it is important for our deaf children. It is result in our matter…

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