Essay about The Happiness Should Be Divided By Durability

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Talking about happiness, different people will give different answers about what is happiness. Divided by groups, children’s definition may differ from adults; philosopher’s idea may different from normal person’s. By individuals, our definition must be different from when we are young till old. Divided by the understanding the answer will also be different. Some people think happiness from our daily life, from the sun, the wind the sky; some people think when they do the things which the things is very challenging that can make them happy. Some of people think the true happiness from the lots of experience, which the young people cannot get. These cases of the definition about happiness seems do not have any common ground, however, we still can get the similar standard of happiness. Thus, aiming these different ideas, in my opinion, the happiness should be divided by durability, which total have three durability. Happy moments, challenge pleasure and gaining experience.

Thus, happiness is not one thing, it from less to more, from quantity to quality. As the author Daniel M Haybron decreasing Big Joe’s life in her article “ What is happiness”, as a fisher man, he seeing the beautiful view, he enjoy the challenge from the sea and suffer the pain from his business, at last he look through what is happiness. The author believe that Big Joe is a happy person, same as my idea that a person’s happiness from different level; lots of happiness; over coming a lot of challenges and…

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