The Guerrilla Graffiti Of Princess Hijab, By Arwa Aburawa And Once Upon A Quinceanera By Julia Alvarez

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How do people value women in the society? Do women see their values? Do men pay attention on women’s value? The truth is women’s social values are mostly being underestimated, neither males nor females pay attention on women’s social values. If a male and female receive the same job, the average income ratio for a male and female is 1 to 0.79, it does not matter whose education is better. ("The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap (Fall 2015)"). Women should receive the same respect from the men. This concept can be seen in both Veiled Thread: The Guerrilla Graffiti of Princess Hijab, by Arwa Aburawa and Once upon a Quinceanera by Julia Alvarez. In Veiled Thread: The Guerrilla Graffiti of Princess Hijab, Aburawa addressed how the society defined women in their outer beauty and in Once upon a Quinceanera, Alvarez describes how the young Latino girls lower their social values. The society must increase the social values of women, not for the fantasy life, but for their inner beauty like education and self-respect. Young women’s values in the society are underestimated; most of time people do not believe that women have to ability to support the country. From the article Veiled Thread: The Guerrilla Graffiti of Princess Hijab, women are often being asked to have a perfect body shape, a tan skin and blonde hair, and the women nowadays are also wanting to look like the models in the advertisement. Women become a vase for the society; the public pays more attention to their…

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