Essay on The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Scott Fitzgerald: A Biography by Jeffrey Meyers is about the famous American author, F. Scott Fitzgerald. One of his friends once called him, “the most sensitive . . . the most distinguished – the most gifted and intelligent of all his contemporaries. And the most lovable – he is one of those great tragic American figures.” He is prominently known for his famous Roaring Twenties novel The Great Gatsby. Many of his novels are about the luxurious American Dream life and recreations of events throughout his life. The major events in his life was his marriage with Zelda, his drinking problems, and his writings. Scott joined the army after realizing he could not pass his classes at Princeton. In July of 1918, he met his future wife, Zelda Sayre. She was four years younger than Fitzgerald and was known for her beauty and unconventional behavior. Though she seemed like a perfect person, she had some flaws as well. She was very rude and selfish. In April of 1919, they became engaged. He loved her a lot and would have done anything for her. She, however, was like Daisy from The Great Gatsby. She would not marry him until he achieved financial success. Although he was disappointed, he went to New York and began to write his first novel The Side of Paradise. After working long and hard on it, the novel got accepted and he instantly became famous and Zelda and Scott became married shortly after. Their marriage was not the best in the world. Throughout the years, both of them had…

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