Essay on The, God Is Making The American !

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The 1908 Zangwill quote states, "God is making the American!. . .the real American has not yet arrived. He will be the fusion of all races, perhaps the coming superman. . .the glory of America, where all races and nations come to labor and look forward.” (Booth, 1998). There are many ways to interpret this quote, including the progress made, and the distance left to go. Progress has been great in the past centuries, with the assimilation of many minority groups into the United States. Unfortunately, there is quite a distance to go to eliminate discrimination and prejudice, once and for all.
The Zangwill Quote When reading the Zangwill quote the reader must look at the quote at its most important point where is says, “God is making the American! The real American has not yet arrived. He will be the fusion of all races...” (Booth, 1998). This portion of the quote is very important because it is saying that the act of creating an American is still in progress. The dream of a true melting pot society has not been realized yet because all the races or ethnic groups in American have not been fused together to a point where being an American is more important than being of African, Asian or of Hispanic decent. However, if we talked to many people today we could easily find parts of Zangwill’s quote to be true: “God is making the American!” There is also some truth to the image of America being a “melting pot,” but looking back in history it shows us that the minorities that…

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