The Gang Is A Criminal Street Gang Essay

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A gang is a criminal street gang they do assaults, drive by shooting robberies and homicides. What makes a young kid a gang member? How is a gang a good for young kids, or is it bad? Everyone needs a home and family. Even if it is on the streets selling drugs, trafficking women, and killing someone. No one has ever said a family is not like that, no one has said that a family needs to be normal. “What people don 't understand is joining a gang ain 't bad, it 's cool, and its fine. When you in the hood, joining a gang it is cool because all your friends are in the gang, all your family is in the gang. We 're not just killing people every night; we 're just hanging out, having a good time” (Snoop Dogg, Brainy quote). To must youth kids a gang is all they have and or that is all they know. From their parents being locked up, older siblings, and or other family members.
To start, a gang viewed as a social label. To argue this it is necessary to view gangs as surrogate families, to many young people that is all they have. Young gang members have that loyalty, understanding, emotional, and physical protection. “Most members have parents with criminal backgrounds or being from “broken home” (Rees, 1996). Thus, support the systems is always around no matter where that one person is there is always five around without anyone knowing. Having that tight family that most do not feel in their biological family. National Gang center states that one--third African Americans, ten to…

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