The First Time Covenant Theology Essay

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John Calvin came up with covenant theology to cover the over all flow of the bible. The first time Covenant Theology was really used was in the 16th and 17th centuries by Ursinus, Olevianus and Cocceius. This theology was used mainly by the Reformed Churches and was it 's predominant theology around the 17th and 19th centuries. Covenant Theology is a system of theology that views God 's dealings with man in respect of covenants rather than dispensations (periods of time). It represents the whole of Scripture as covenantal in structure and theme. Theologians divided the history up into two periods. Starting off we learn about the covenant of works and how it began when God created Adam. Through Adam the human population grew and through all of this God gave Moses the law that man should follow after but they couldn 't live up to it and that 's where the grace covenant comes in. When the fall of man occurred God had a plan laid out and announced it to Adam and Eve. Jesus was this promise of grace because what he had to offer was far much greater then what the old law had to offer. The blood of Jesus could cover all the sins and he could offer life everlasting through his grace. The covenant of redemption is when Jesus died on the cross and is now in heaven sitting on the right hand side of the father, being the mediator for us. Covenant theology helps to understand the Old and New Testaments better. It breaks down each issue that God was explaining to man. I believe that…

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