The First Memory That I Have A Time When I Did Not Attend Church

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There has never been a time when I did not attend church. The first memory that I have of myself being in church was at four years of age. I was standing at the edge of the pew watching people walk by; not sure if it was the choir because I do not remember hearing music. I remember being in Sunday school at this age. I shared crayon with a boy, aged five who is now my husband. I remember playing Tag and Catch a Girl – Kiss a Girl with him in the church basement, walking to the candy store, changing into my choir robe and sleeping during every sermon. I can still see my dad’s face while pointing at me from the back of the church, the usher’s pew telling me to ‘sit up.’ I was raised Christian and attended a Baptist church; Greater Canaan Missionary Baptist Church. Reverend Jesse Strong was the founding pastor. This church was located across the street from the building that my family lived in. I suppose we attended there because it was so close. My siblings and I attended Sunday school, Wednesday night bible class, karate class, etiquette classes and Vacation Bible School. In fact, any program that was designed for children I was there.
I accepted Christ at age 8 and was baptized for the first time on the first Tuesday of the month and I stood before the entire church the following Sunday to receive the Right Hand of Fellowship and took my first communion.
I enjoyed church as a child. My parents did not have to make me go. It was filled with field trips, choir banquets…

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