Essay about The First Act Of Violence

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The first act of violence that we have on record is found in the Bible. Reading in the book of Genesis, we learn that one of the sons of Adam, Cain, was tempted by Satan to kill his brother Abel. This was the first violent action that lead to a history of violence that has not ceased to exist, even in our day. The phrase “raising Cain” is still used in our day to describe when violent, rowdy, or unacceptable behavior is expressed by individuals. But how do we prevent this violence in America from occurring? Violence can and will be stopped, as long as the necessary procedures are taken.
If America is in fact going down this path of destruction and violence as we speak, is there anything that we can do now, to ensure that it does not continue in its downward spiral towards anarchy? Well, in recent years, the statistics and facts are accumulating more and more to prove that there may indeed be a reason why violence is so common in America. In fact, there are quite a few reasons why it is as common to find violence, as it is to find a church every mile or so in inner-city Chicago. When looking at all of this, the real problem is that the reason why all of this is happening is so obvious, that no one even wants to consider that it may solve the problem if the factor was eliminated altogether. Imagine America where you can go to bed in peace and not have to worry if you are going to wake up the next morning and see your family. Or think of a world where people do not have to…

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