The Films ' Strawberry And Chocolate ' And The Year My Parents Went On Vacation '

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The films ‘STRAWBERRY AND CHOCOLATE’, MARIA FULL OF GRACE’, and THE YEAR MY PARENTS WENT ON VACATION’ shows the audience, political view, family affection and more. The films were featured in countries such as, Cuba, Colombia and Brazil. This is beneficial because it gave the audience who has little to no knowledge about these countries an understanding of their social or political views. In ‘Strawberry and Chocolate’, one can see that Cuba is not accepting of the gay population and in such has created policies that oppress not only gays but the remaining population. In ‘Maria Full Of Grace’ it shows how Colombia labor and employment rate is small, and how some have chose an unsafe way to make money dealing drugs. In ‘The Year My Parents Went on Vacation,’ audience saw how politics can separate and create new family and friendships. Even though the each country was experiencing different oppressive acts, we also saw where friendship and families are formed or gained through interactions while coping with society struggles.

In the film ‘The Year My Parents Went on Vacation,’ it was interesting to see how families intertwined fairly seamlessly specifically Shlomo after he realized that Mauro had no where to lived. I said seamlessly because Shlomo could have avoided Mauro entirely and not offer his home key to him. We saw later in the film that Shlomo was seeking advice and help for Mauro, the audience could tell that Jewish community operated as family and looked…

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