Essay on The Fight Against Slavery

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Though this book was brief, The Fight Against Slavery (1977) gave powerful insight into the foundation of the slave trade in Britain in the 18th century.

This book gave a refreshing viewpoint and a unique perspective of the European world in the Jacksonian era. I had never explored the effects of slavery outside of the United States and was amazed at the direct responses, reactions and impact that different countries slave driven economies’ had with each other. The vivid examples given in this reading help me visualize and formulate a general understanding of the key roles that were being played in the legislative, business and agricultural sectors. The American and English slavery abolition were similar because, both countries remained reliant upon one another to create and challenge the morality of the economy.

The English were focused like the Americans on the moral retributions of the slavery economy disagreement ignited, when trying to justify the action of enslaving another human being. As a highly religious person John Newton was instrumental in the awareness of this abominable evil. The abolitionists were true heroes because they endured many obstacles to achieve what they believed to be right. The job that they undertook required courage, bravery, and patience, they were discouraged and beaten down, but they never gave up and thousands of slaves owed their lives to the dedication of these men.

This book examined the issues of human enslavement from diverse…

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