The Fellowship Of The Game Essay

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The Fellowship of the Game

My inner life has always been filled with fantasy. My obsession with what could be; what might exist beyond the finite realm of perceived reality was first sparked when my father began reading Tolkien to me at bedtime. Many authors followed, and their visionary imaginations guided me to conceive of worlds beyond the scope of what was, to -what might be. Passive diversions, like reading books, and watching television allowed me to experience a reality beyond my conscious perception… Then, one day, I discovered my boyhood Arcadia –the gaming arcade. Suddenly, my imagination and appetite for adventure were piqued by a new medium of fantasy fulfillment, the video game, which ushered in an entirely new facet to the “Walter Mitty” experience. Action and interaction. Gaming presented an imaginary world that I could now actively explore, and not simply with my mind’s eye. By controlling an avatar within the game, I could merge with its abstract world and influence a multitude of possibilities; the gaming enterprise was Godlike. My adolescent psyche experienced a new awakening. Seduced by the promise of omnipotence and aroused by the thrill of actively engaging artificial realities, I became, a Gamer. I have ridden the gaming wave for several decades now, and experienced its inevitable floods and ebbs in flow. Nothing quite impresses so much, (like the fantastic innovations in technology), as gaming’s capacity as a transformative medium in our…

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