Essay about The Fallacy That Women Can Do Anything That Men

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In Canadian culture we have the fallacy that women can do anything that men can do (Harris, 1982, p. 214). They can raise their children, clean the house, make dinner, have a full time career, make a triple figure salary and still have time to catch up on Greys Anatomy. This could not be further from the truth. There is an ongoing struggle for women who are “caught in the midst of conflicting values and expectations”, there simply is no winning (Harris, 1982, p.214). If a woman goes to work and provides for her family she is seen as neglecting her responsibilities as a wife, nonetheless if she decides to be a housemother she is falling into the ‘sexist values’ of traditional society (Harris, 1982, p. 215). In conjunction, women are still discriminated in the job market and it is likely that she will still be making an inferior salary to her husbands (Harris, 1982, p.216). The role of men in the Canadian household is also very traditional in the terms we determine the sense of tradition. In our current culture, men are still seen as the breadwinners of the family. Though many men may want to have a more active role in their families, especially in the raising of their children, it seems to be impossible (Harris, 1982, p.216). Men that try to put their families first will end up loosing out in their careers to the men that have made their careers their first priority, and then they are no longer sufficiently providing for their families (Harris, 1982, p. 216). Studies have…

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