The Extent Of Domestic Violence Essay examples

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The Extent of Domestic Violence Domestic violence is still happening around the world, as there have policies and more programs to avoid domestic violence, like counseling services, in order to eliminate violence conflict between partners. (Foster, 2011) There have 15%-71% of woman has been assaulted by their partner in their lives, which estimated by the World Health Organization. (Tappis, Biermann, Glass, Tileva & Doocy, 2012) Use United States as an example, 25% of woman and 7.6% men reported they had been raped or physical assault by partner among 16000 people. (Shields & Carroll, 2015) With reference to the occurrence history of Domestic violence, one of the common characteristics between the past and the present is the specific group of victims are not change, and why they are more vulnerable to Domestic Violence? The following are the different groups of victims and will demonstrate the extent of domestic violence in each group in contemporary society.
Disabled People People with disability, like mental illness, people undergo amputation, they are more vulnerable to domestic violence, especially disabled woman. They are shame and afraid to report domestic violence experience and not willing to seek help from the public. By comparing to non-disabled woman, disabled woman will have a much complex abuse. (Nixon,2009) In United Kingdom, disabled woman access helping services for treating domestic violence are available, however the extent of domestic violence among them…

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