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Handbook of Business Strategy
Emerald Article: The ethics of business strategy
Fred Hansen, Michele Smith

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Strategy-as-war in business literature
The Business-as-war perspective is alive and well in the popular business literature. With even a cursory search of you can ®nd a profusion of business books that, in some form or another, seek to apply principles of military strategy to business strategy. Of course, there are multiple translations of the art of war speci®cally geared toward business, including one for executives, one for managers, one for marketing, and one for selling.
However, there are also books that provide business advice based on thinking of other military strategists, including Miyamoto Musashi, Attila the Hun, Machiavelli and General
Patton. Then there are books that offer advice based on the principles of strategy used by speci®c branches of the armed forces such as the Marine Corps, Navy Seals and Army
Rangers. Still other books have a phrase like ``Business as war'' somewhere right in the title. Some of these books have been around for nearly 20 years, but most of them have been published within the last ®ve years.
Monstrous moral hybrids

This article examines the linkage between strategy and ethics, particularly in the American business environment. The authors compare a model of strategy based on an assumption of ``business as war'' versus a model based on an assumption of ``business as value creation'' and contend that

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