The Ethics Of Media Coverage Essay

1811 Words Jul 5th, 2015 null Page
Ethics in Media There has recently been a lot of media coverage in Ferguson, MO where Officer Darren Wilson, white, was cleared of rights violation in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man, Michael Brown. After the verdict was read, riots broke out on the streets of Ferguson and continued for several days. It quickly turned into a racial event pitting blacks against whites. The media felt it was ethically okay to cover the racial aspect rather than the verdict. “Cameras do change the dynamic. They magnify, they amplify, they can certainly distort” (Senso, 2014). Several Ferguson residents were interviewed during the riots helping to fuel the race angle. One black man explained he was in support of the riots and claimed violence was a legitimate expression of self-defense (MRCTV). He felt that because it was a group mentality, the protesters were standing up for themselves. The man failed to mention the protestors were burning down buildings in their own community and causing mass destruction. The protestor should have thought about the actual results that were happening due to this. By using the utilitarian approach the protester would have looked at what was best for everyone with creating the least amount of harm. A peaceful protest would have been more apt to serve everyone. The citizens who were protesting would still be able to get their point across without damaging their own city. This protestor did not make an ethical choice by participating in and…

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