The Ethics Of Cheerleading Practices Essay

1266 Words Dec 3rd, 2014 6 Pages
Have you have been led by a person who believes that they’re better than you? Or have you been excluded simply because of your last name? Anyone who has ever tried out for cheerleading will probably answer yes to both of these questions. I have been a cheerleader at my school for six years and I’ve been on both junior varsity and varsity squads, but even I can’t escape the “name game” or the hypocritical girls who believe that it’s their job to boss the underclassmen around. Even though the seniors and coaches are an integral part of the problem, they aren’t the cause. There is a flaw somewhere in the cheerleading system; how it’s setup. This problem is causing the cheerleader experience to be less than enjoyable for more than just me. Whenever I am around cheerleaders they are complaining about something either our coach or the seniors have done. The environment of cheerleading practices is generally anything but peaceful. The seniors are bossy but when my class gets there I’m sure we will be bossy to; it is just the way things are. This is a hard problem to solve because it goes back 75 years, back to the start of our cheerleading program. To coaches cheerleading is about some very specific things, like having a respectable family, and this can exclude some good kids, just because of the mistakes their parents made.

Our coach isn’t really the problem, she just isn’t a born leader, which would be fine except for the way she handles it. Instead of learning…

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