The Era Of The Victorian Era Essay

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The term Modernism was marked as a period of sudden and unexpected breaks with traditional views and interacting with the world. It was a time when individualism and experimentation became admirable, where as before they were commonly discouraged (Rahn). It was also a time of revolt against the conservative values and realism. By the twentieth century, the Modernist period in English literature took an instinctive turn against the Victorian art and culture (Rahn). Gone was the Romantic period that focused on nature and being. Modernist began to write about the inner self and consciousness. Those who felt the traditional ways were ending believed that their forms of art, literature, and daily life were becoming outdated in an era of an emerging industrialized world. The stability and quietude of Victorian civilization were rapidly becoming a thing of the past (Rahn).
Throughout the late nineteenth century and mid twentieth century, Modernism emerged from a series of cultural turmoil. The first being the Great War, which lasted from 1914 to 1918, known now as World War One (Rahn). During this time, many people looked at this war with horror and could not imagine what the future may hold for them. Then the Second World War began, lasting from 1939 through 1945. Furthermore, with two great wars in one generation strengthened the Modern point of view in writers who saw decay and “a growing alienation of the individual” (Rahn). War certainly had a big impact on ways of viewing…

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