Essay about The Emotional State Of A Woman

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Women in relationships that result in an on going cycle of abuse often show symptoms of Battered Women Syndrome. The Battered Women Syndrome appear in women who are mentally and physically abused by their spouse over a long period of time and perceive the inability to escape. This model was developed by Dr. Lenore E. Walker to define the emotional state of a woman who proceeds to stay in an abusive relationship. The Battered Women Syndrome is made up of four characteristics: 1.) The belief that what caused the violence to occur was or is her fault; 2.) The reason the woman blames herself is because of being unable to place the responsibility for the violence elsewhere; 3.) The woman does not want to put her or her children 's like in jeopardy; and 4.) The belief that the abuser is omnipresent and omniscient meaning, being everywhere at once and being aware of everything. Crystal Carlson’s “What Factors Must Be In Place? A Critical Look At Women Trying To Break Out Of The Toxic Dance Of An Abusive Relationship” is one article that introduces theories that give a thorough explanation of women who try to leave an abusive relationship but fail to do so. Carlson claims that women lack the courage to leave a relationship because of the consequences they fear will follow them. Carlson claims this become more difficult for women who are married to their abuser and have children. Slightly more than half of female victims of domestic violence live in households with children under…

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