The Effects Of Using Literacy Standards Required By Arkansas Tess Documentation

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The Effects of Using Literacy Standards Required by Arkansas TESS Documentation on Student Musical Achievement in Elementary Schools.

Kaci Berry
University of Central Arkansas
Research Methods
Cheryl Wiedmaier

Teacher evaluation within all areas of education is a sensitive topic for certain. Formative assessments in the music classroom are difficult to administratively regulate and must be based on adopted state music frameworks. Formal teacher assessment methods are difficult to oversee due to the performance nature of music instruction. New Arkansas state legislation has changed the required documentation by which music teachers must validate their lesson plans. It now requires additional implementation of Language Arts standards as evidence of learning. This is primarily due to a lack of formalized student assessments in musical achievement, used to document student growth. The research questions I pose are designed to study how the music assessment scores of students compare before and after the Arkansas State Teacher Evaluation and Support System (TESS) implementation:
• What are the effects of using Literacy Standards required by Arkansas TESS documentation on student musical achievement in elementary schools, grades K-5?
• What evidence is there to point towards a decline or increase in assessment scores due to the use of Literacy Standards in TESS rather than Music Frameworks?
This study’s purpose is to compare pre-TESS…

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