The Effects Of Social On Children With Autism Essay example

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Social skills are one area were individuals with autism spectrum disorder face several challenges. Many individuals diagnosed with Autism do not initiate social interaction or play interactively with peers. One intervention that can be implemented with children lacking social skills is social stories. Social stories are individualized short stories that may increase appropriate social interactions of children with autism spectrum disorder. Social stories describe and explain the cues in social situations as well as providing appropriate responses. Most social stories follow a specific format and guidelines for writing instructions. It is important to know how to correctly implement the use of social stories with children with autism to help promote appropriate social skills.

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The Effects of Social Stories on the social Engagement of Children with Autism

The purpose of the study was to assess the effects of social stories on the duration of appropriate social engagement in three children with autism. There were a total of nine participants in the study, three children with autism and six nondisabled peers (three boys and three girls). Each target student with autism was randomly paired with a same-age peer for intervention sessions. A second peer was paired with the target student for generalization. All of the participants had the following characteristics: functional verbal communication, beginning reading skills, the ability to follow directions,…

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