The Effects Of Parental Violence On Children Essay

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The subject for Case Study 2: Reese is an 18-year-old Hispanic male who currently resides in Los Angeles, California. The subject is one of two male children who were raised in a chaotic and suspected alcoholic home. The client’s father is home only during the weekend and frequently has violent outbursts. Reese’s attitude towards the parental violence is nonchalant in nature potentially indicating that the behavior is normative. Although it appears that violence is common places in his household, it appears as if the client utilizes drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism. Approximately five years ago, the client began drinking and smoking potentially as an attempt to fit into a social group. Since the client did not perform well academically, he began associating with individuals in the party scene. The client was diagnosed as having attention deficit disorder at an early age, which could contribute to poor grades in school. Furthermore, the client admits that he has not taken his medication in a long time. This is also an indication of absent parenting and poor discipline, which has contributed to the delinquent behavior of the client. Currently, it is suspected that Reese has developed a tolerance to alcohol and an addiction to a myriad of drugs. A with drug and alcohol addiction although the patient asserts that he currently is not addicted. In order to properly diagnosis Reese, it is critical to conduct a historical analysis of his past to gain a greater…

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