The Effects Of Parental And Permissive Parenting Essay

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Our society needs more unhappy, miserable adults in the future. But the only way to get those unhappy, miserable adults is with protective parenting. When the society develops overprotective parents, we will be able to produce adults who are unable to function and unprepared to contend with life 's difficulties. Permissive parenting will lead to feelings of bitterness and isolation throughout adulthood (Belkin). Both protective and permissive parenting will result in damaging the adult and make them suffer from some combination of unpreparedness and isolation later on in life. To reassure that the society is able to make more protective parents and unhappy adults, we must start from the beginning of the child´s life to achieve the results in the future.
To begin the process of protective parenting, the society as a whole must begin at the birth of the child. When a child is born, after conducting all the required tests to make sure they are healthy, we must install a microchip into the brain. When we have the microchip in the child 's brain, we will be able to monitor everything the child will be thinking, seeing, hearing, and doing for the rest of their lives. The microchip will send the parents an automatic link or clip of the events taking place in the child 's brain and the parents will be able to contact the child, destroy that event from the mind, and punish them for their wrongdoings. After all, installing the microchip will not be harming your child whatsoever and…

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