The Effects Of Not Being Working For A Long Time Essays

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People 's lives generally depend on the well being of the economy because it controls many aspects of their lives. The Economy is management of the resources of a community, country, etc especially with a view to its productivity. Being unemployed for a long time can affect people in other ways besides financially like they start depending on the government to provide for them, families start needing to look for homeless shelters, and immigrants start flooding back in their native country. The effects of not being able to find a job is getting unhealthy vices, moving back in with your parents and trouble gaining employment again.
One way that unemployment affects people is that it forces them to move back in with their parents. In Katherine S. Newman 's " The Accordion Family: Boomerang Kids, Anxious Parents and the Private Toll of Globalization" the main idea is that many young adults are having to move back home with their parents because they are unable to find employment after they graduate college. She talks about how a accordion family is formed by either Parents babying their kids too much, how some young people are forced back because they can 't find a job during a recession or how young adults want to be lazy and live off their parents as much as they can after College. An example would be when Newman talks about how today 's world affects young adults "The economic conditions that have made it so difficult for today 's young people to find footing in the labor…

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