The Effects Of Loneliness And Social Media Essay

969 Words Nov 18th, 2014 4 Pages
The purpose of this study was to examine how respondents who report being more lonely will have more virtual Facebook relationships than live, face-to-face relationships. The importance of this research is to prove how loneliness can affect an individual to develop more virtual Facebook relationships than live relationships. This study will help contribute to other researchers who are in the same area of study, this study can help develop ideas about individuals reason to make relationships online. The work cited of other authors in this research can help contribute to studies done on loneliness and social media.
More and more relationships are being made online on social media sites. Loneliness is a reason many people seek the online relationships, it is a state that nobody wants. Social media has allowed for people to stop being lonely and develop relationships. This theory that loneliness can encourage someone to seek relationships online is important because people who are lonely are more likely to be shut in their own world away from everyone else. The Internet and social media give these people the ability to never leave their world but be part of the real world with others across the world. The use and gratifications theory was used in this theory. It was used to see why people use the media and what they were seeking to gain from the use. Several articles that are interesting and relevant to this study were Cyber Relationship Motives: Scale Development and Validation…

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