Essay about The Effects Of Hemp On The United States Of America

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More than Just Rope
April 30th, 1789 was a great day in American history. It was the day that George Washington became president of The United States of America. Many people know that George Washington was our first president, but they do not know he also grew hemp. George Washington was a promoter of hemp and has been quoted from his personal diaries “Hemp, Grow it everywhere.”(Callery 2) Hemp is a type of cannabis plant that can grow as tall as wheat and can be used to make many different and useful products. In the United States of America as of now, hemp is illegal to grow. Industrial Hemp should be legal on a federal level in the United States of America.
Hemp is very easy to grow and it can be used to make many different items from paper to fuel. Hemp is a fibrous plant that derives for the cannabises plant. It is often mistaken for its cousin plant cannabis sativa or more commonly known as marijuana. Though, Hemp contains the chemical found in marijuana (Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC) it does not contain enough Tetrahydrocannabinol to have mind altering effects. Now, some forms of hemp can even contain no Tetrahydrocannabinol. When it is harvested farmers have the option to use every part of the plant from the seeds to the straw. The seeds of the hemp plant are used for many different items. The seed oil is used to make food, cosmetics, fuel, and paint. The seed cake on the other hand is used for…

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