The Effects Of Gang Violence On America Essay

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There are about 21,500 documented gangs and over a million documented gang members (Teen Violence Statistics). About 40% of these members are under the age of 18 (Johnson). This gang violence affects every child that is in a gang or not. These gangs take in a lot of different kids of adolescence for many reasons. These kids feel the need that they have to be a part of a gang because their friends are doing it too, but there are many ways to prevent them from joining. Gang violence in America has been a problem for years and has only grown since in the US. On one hand some say that teen violence has decreased. “Chicago reported to be a site of ‘super gangs,’ there was a 35% decrease in the reported number of violent crimes in between mid-year 1999 and 2004” (The Youth Gang Violence Problem Is Exaggerated). On the other hand, the murder rate in Chicago last year is nearly four times higher than New York City and more than 2.5 times higher than Los Angeles (ABC News). The crime rate is not consistent yet, “According to the FBI in 2011, there were 33,000 violent street, motorcycle, and prison gangs active in the U.S., with more than 1.4 million members, a 40% increase from 2009,” (U.S. Department of Justice). Frederic Thrasher, a sociologist at the University of Chicago, published The Gang. A book about a study he did of 1,313 gangs in Chicago and unfolded the problems of these gangs. Thrasher received help from the police and social workers to get all the…

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