The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Children Essay

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Claudine Capistrano
2 December 2014
ENGWR302: Hutcheson 12-1:20PM
Problem/Solution Essay
Audience: Individuals concerned and willing to provide aid to victims of domestic violence
Knowledge is Power The sounds of screaming and crying for help awaken the child from her slumber. Startled, the child makes her way over to her parents room seeking comfort, only to discover that was the source of the unpleasant noises. The child reluctantly opens the door. Terror-stricken, she watches as her father’s fists bury deep into her mother’s body, leaving her marked and bruised. About 2.3-10 million children are exposed to intimate partner violence (IPV) each year in the United States (“Domestic Violence”). Domestic violence became the center of mass media over twenty years ago, which was sparked by the famous O.J. Simpson case where the professional football star and actor was tried for the murder of his wife and waiter (Blumenthal and Gandy 1). Domestic violence is defined as the violent or aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner. It entails, but is not limited to, being slapped, pushed, or shoved, slammed against something, hit with fist or hard object, suffocated, or burned. In addition, domestic violence is known to cause health risks – physical, psychological, reproductive, social, etc. In 2011, researchers conducted 12,000 interviews and have discovered a total of 36.3% of individuals have experienced severe physical…

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