The Effects Of Bottled Water On The Environment Essay

1031 Words Jul 9th, 2015 null Page
In recent years, some bottled water factories have closed down one after another. More and more people are installing a water purifier in order to drink clean water in China. Some people think that bottled water may cause environmental damage and it wastes of resources. Furthermore, There are also some people who prefer to drink bottled water, they think it is convenient, and it is healthier than bottled water. That is a common question about which one is healthier and cleaner. While some people believe that bottled water is harmful to environment, other people think that with the resources we have, the consumer controls the damage done by the plastic bottles. The tap water is produced by complex process, and through the professional filtering equipment drawn from rivers, lakes, and groundwater. Then, it through the process of sedimentation and disinfection systems to filtering. Finally, through the water pump station delivery to each user and public pump. The whole process to go through several water quality testing in main items(Wang Yi). In addition, The way drink tap water is kind of environmental protection, because the public service advertising always says that you can drink a bottled of water in three minutes, but it will takes 1.000 years if degrade a bottle completely. They 're using the public service advertising to encouraging to people to protect the environment, and initiating our to start drink tap water instead bottled water. Some people…

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