Essay about The Effects Of Bottled Water On The Human Health

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Water is one of those natural resources which those living in the Global North take for granted: turn the tap on and the water flows. No need to think about where it comes from or whether it’s connected to rain patterns. It’s like buying roast chicken in a supermarket. People do not always make the connection between a live chicken and the packaged end product, as in something that died in the process. Bottled water has become in the reliably way to drink water. Though it is more expensive per unit or gallon than tap water, even can be expensive as gasoline in some cities, and the environmental damage can be irreversible, and the human health effects even more.
Most Americans have access to tap water, but with the manufacture demand strategy achievement the increase of bottler water sales. Big companies such as Pepsi’s Aquafina and Coke’s Dasani attracted people showing pictures of mountains streams and pristine nature, and then make look tap water as contaminated water, For example, one brand of "spring water" whose label pictured a lake and mountains, actually came from a well in an industrial facility 's parking lot, near a hazardous waste dump, and periodically was contaminated with industrial chemicals at levels above FDA standards. Even though it found that these companies use filtered tap water.
United Stated consumed more than half a billion of bottles water a week, generating a large amount of plastic bottles. Water bottles are made of completely recyclable…

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