The Diversion Program Vs. Prison Essay

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In today society, there is more than 2.3 million who are being held in jail and prison. In 2010, there were 330,000 mentally ill patients in jail or prison (Hunt, 2011). In the last two decades the number of people incarcerated has been on an unprecedented rise. The number of people in prison, jail, and Federal Prison are on the rise due to gang violence, the war on drug, the stiff penalty they give first time offenders, and the number of mentally ill people who are in prison or jail. Instead of send these mentally ill inmates to a hospital or some form of mentally health place to help deal with these people. However, due to the jail and prison increase and the cost it takes to house these inmates. The purpose of this paper is to examine the Diversion Program vs. Imprisonment in the Justice System to find the best solution to this growing problem.
Diversion Program
We live in a society where prison and Jail population has double in the last past 15 plus years (Hunt, 2011). Overcrowding prison is at an all-time high. Prison overcrowding and jail overcrowding are primarily responsible for the large increase in the number of non-incarcerated and currently been held at some form of correctional supervision facility (Champion, 2008). This is why there are many states trying to find and come up with a way to fix the overcrowding of the prison and jail. The Diversion program was established to offset the…

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