The Distinction Between A Psychopath And An Empath Essay

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The distinction between a psychopath and an empath is that a psychopath has little to no feelings when witnessing the pain of others while an empath feels sympathy and compassion for everything and everyone all the time. Researchers report that when psychopaths imagine others experiencing pain, brain regions associated with empathy for others do not connect with areas of the brain involved in emotional processing, making any concern for others impossible. When asked to empathize, some are capable of activating their emotional processes, which could explain why a serial killer can make themselves appear “normal” at times to lure their victims in. Many serial killers such as Ted Bundy, Gary Ridgeway, Tom Lynn Sells, John Wayne Gacey, Jeffery Dahmer, Richard Kuklinski and Charles Manson express this lack of emotion towards others.

Ted Bundy, born as Theodore Robert Cowell, was led to believe at an early age that his grandparents were his parents and his mother was his older sister. The reason for this was to protect his unwed mother from being judged. Because of this confusion at such a young age, Ted was terribly shy and uncomfortable in social situations. A little later in his high school years, he started to transform into a charming, more popular guy. When he graduated high school, he attended college where he met his dream girl who he eventually started dating. When she broke up with Ted, he was heartbroken and refused to give up. This was when college and high school…

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