The Discovery Of Gold : An Easier Decision For Chinese Men Essay

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It all begun when news broke out from the discovery of gold on the 15th of March, 1848. As the news spread, many people around the world were intrigued on the idea of finding gold. Cities in Asia had ships changing their routes to sail for California. Immediately after arrival, a majority of those ships were abandoned in attempt to find gold at the Sierra mountains. People who were already in California, such as merchants, physicians, laborers, artists, and more, all rushed to the Sierra mountains as well. Different races, religions, and backgrounds all merged together towards a common goal. One of those groups were individuals from the country of China. Advertisements and propaganda promoting America made it an easier decision for Chinese men to start a new life at a new country with new opportunities. In contrast, Chinese women rarely traveled across the Pacific Ocean to California in the mid 1800s because those who did became slaves. From the mid to late 19th century, male and female migrants of Asian descent traveling to the United States, had a variety of experiences shaped from social forces, political forces, and response to those forces. Both Chinese men and women had to cope with social forces throughout their everyday lives in the United States. An abundance of occurrences happened to Chinese men when in the pursuit for gold at different mining camps, particularly against white men. “Rain had finally come to the arid creek at Camp Salvado, washing down…

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