Essay about The Diagnostic And Conceptual History Of Gender Dysphoria

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Human sexuality and gender has been a topic of interest in psychology since the inception of the field. The field of psychology has made many strides in the way in which it conceives of and considers issues of sexuality such as what reflects a psychologically healthy individual and how alternative sexualities such as homosexuality are addressed; previously, homosexuality was considered a mental disorder, but we now recognize that it is not. Today, the debate has shifted away from homosexuality and towards gender dysphoria, previously gender identity disorder, and the transgender experience. There is significant debate inside and outside of the field regarding the validity of the gender dysphoria diagnosis, and there is also significant debate about how psychologists should handle issues of transgender identity. In this paper I will examine the diagnostic and conceptual history of gender dysphoria, the ongoing debates in and outside of the field, and possible future developments.
Gender dysphoria, previously gender identity disorder, is the formal diagnosis applied to individuals who experience significant distress surrounding the sex they were assigned at birth and the gender roles assigned to that sex (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). According to Fraser, Karasic, Meyer, and Wylie, the consensus of members of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health was that a transgender identity is not a pathology, gender variant…

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