The Death Penalty : A Common Position Against Capital Punishment

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Confutatio: Used as a common position against capital punishment, the right of and outreach for common humanity is expressed by many who oppose this course of action. This view is primarily derived from biblical text stating “thou shalt not kill”. From this viewpoint, the argument that killing someone – even when they killed someone themselves – goes against this divinely appointed commandment. It is therefore not an appropriate remedy towards the issue. In a statement given in March 2011 by the Chapter of Amnesty International of Yale University, the position of human values being in danger is discussed. As the article states, “The death penalty is an attack on our foundational and universal human dignity—our common humanity” (1). The statement also presents the point that “our justice system has valid alternatives to the death penalty, such as life imprisonment without parole, that constitute adequate punishment even for the most repugnant crimes” (1). This statement provides readers with the ultimate question: what is justifiable as punishment? According to a national overview of executions in the past ten years, the murder rate has dropped. While this looks like supportive information towards the use of the death penalty, it is actually quite the contrary. When comparing states with the death penalty and states without, “the murder rate in non-death penalty states has remained consistently lower than the rate in states with the death penalty” (2). If the death penalty…

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