Essay on The Death Of Matthew And Melinda

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Two sisters, Melissa and Melinda, are left with the decision to take their brother Matthew off life support. Matthew had been an accident that left him in a coma. Matthew suffered from a serious head injury: he will not wake up from this comatose state. When the EMTs found him, he had a living well that has left his sisters in charge of what happens next. The will states that the sisters have to completely agree on the decision before anything is done. Melissa and Melinda, though, have two opposing point of views. Melissa feels that there is no hope for the revival of her brother, because the doctors have proven his brain is no longer functional. Melinda, on the other hand, thinks that Matthew’s soul is still living and once the plug is pulled the soul will detach from the body, he will then be gone forever. Aristotle’s theories will agree more with Melissa, as to Descartes will agree with the other sister Melinda. “. . . The soul does not exist without a body and yet is not itself a kind of body. For it is not a body, but something which belongs to a body, and for this reason exists in a body, and in a body of such-and-such a kind the” (Aristotle). If Aristotle found himself in a situation, such as the girls are in, he would feel it is right to pull the plug on Matthew. Aristotle’s theory was that not only do human have souls, but plants and animals do as well. Aristotle believed that the soul exists but not without the body; he felt that the body and soul worked…

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