The Death Of Caesar, And Nicolaus Essay

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The Death of Caesar was a turning point in Roman history. It started a civil war that resulted in the eventual creation of the Roman Empire, and the end of the Roman Republic. Three accounts that portray the murder of Caesar: Suetonius’ Life of Caesar, Plutarch’s Life of Caesar, and Nicolaus’ Life of Augustus all tell separate stories, even though they were all derived from the same event. All of the stories are technically the same story; Caesar was warned by omen, dreams, and soothsayers that there was danger coming to him on the Ides of March, but Decimus Brutus convinced him to come to the senate meeting, and once there he was murder by a group of senators. But the devil is in the details, and all three stories portray the same story differently. Suetonius and Plutarch, who both wrote in c.a. 110 AD, portray the murder as a tragedy that affected Rome negatively while Nicolaus, who wrote in c.a. 14 AD, put the murders in a positive light. The time of the writing of the accounts could be a factor to why the stories are different. Nicolaus had been alive for the murder, the ensuing civil war, and when he wrote the account the Roman Empire had recently been formed, so he would have had a first hand opinion of the event, while the other two writers were writing based on second hand knowledge. The differences and similarities of the accounts are a result of differences in the writers backgrounds, biases, and the ever changing legends told by word of mouth. All of the…

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