Essay The Dark Times Of Russia

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The dark times of Russia’s communist rule still ingrain memories on members of the global community as well as every member of Russian society. The various revolutions that lead to this rise of communism ultimately came from the distaste for the strong social classes that dominated Russia. However, these uprisings instead equalized the social standings of the citizens through complete, and total control of the government. Under the rulings of extreme leaders, civilians could expect “Every aspect of life was supervised and regulated by the government ” (Moss 3). This total control was not ignored by great minds of the times, one of which is George Orwell. Eric Arthur Blair, an English author who wrote under the pen name of George Orwell emerged as a prominent author commenting on aspects of politics. Orwell was actively involved in school especially with these matters, “Orwell attended Eton, where he published his first writing in college periodicals” (Websters 1). He considered himself a European Socialist and his novels reflect this matter speaking positively of democracy rather than dictatorship. George Orwell’s Animal Farm aims to convey his disdain for the political situations during the reign of the Soviet Union, and advises future societies against a totalistic political approach.
Orwell used his novel Animal Farm to portray the horrors of Russian Communism using the simple setting of a barn and farm. As the plot of the novel expands, it is clear that the idea of…

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