The Dangers Of The Suicide Essay

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Darkness “What would you do if your daughter started to have suicidal thoughts again? How would you help them? Would you give up or show them that no matter how bad the situation can get there’s always a positive thing about it?” Aside from the normal pressures of teenage life, certain circumstances can make teenagers contemplate suicide. Suicide is deliberately taking one’s own life to solve a growing problem. Through the years teen suicides have been reduced through school awareness and a parent’s watchful eye. The most important causes of suicide are mental illness, depression and emotional or physical abuse. The effects of an adolescent suicide can affect more than the deceased, but impact those who were close to the departed such as parents, friends, and their communities.
However, there are many reasons why teens commit suicide. A traumatic experience, job loss, and breakups can be an immediate cause for why suicide exists in teens. The feeling that the problem will not get better and seeing suicide as the only resolution shows the emotional pain and suffering of the teen. A death of a loved one can also make a teen feel helpless, especially in a new family formation. Feeling like a ‘failure’ in school or at home can also contribute to suicide. Humiliating situations can not only make the teen feel horrible, but could affect their self esteem.
More remote causes could be divorce in the household that the teen resides in. The custody battle is not only…

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