The Dangers Of Domestic Violence Essay

1404 Words Apr 30th, 2015 null Page
In a relationship there are many ways to display domestic violence. There are many forms of domestic violence; physical, sexual, psychological, and emotional are all forms of domestic violence in an relationship. The psychological aspects of abuse are blackmailing, making threats to harm someone’s life. Harassment and stalking are also forms of domestic violence. Emotional abuse can be anywhere from name-calling to manipulating someone or their feelings. Physical abuse is hitting, grabbing fighting. Any form of causing physical harm to your partner is an act of domestic violence. Sexual domestic violence is forcing your partner to have sex with you or anyone else. Touching them in any way that makes them feel uncomfortable is considered domestic violence. Domestic Violence is becoming a huge problem in the world. Over the past two years a lot of attention has been brought to the issue. The “NFL” plays a tremendous role in bringing attention to domestic violence. In 2014 a Baltimore running back Ray Rice was involved in an infamous domestic violence. He was caught hitting and ultimately knocking her out, and then he dragged her out of the elevator. The “NFL” only suspended, however many people felt that, that punishment did not fit the crime. This brought a negative action to the “NFL”, making them put forth a more atrocious punishment. This incident made the world take notice to the issue of domestic violence. Ray rice was made an example that the “NFL” will not allow their…

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