Essay on The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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In the text the crucible written by Arthur Miller in the 1950’s, the characters are usually motivated by the same themes. Three characters in the text that demonstrate this well are: John Proctor, a very honest upright man who had an affair with Abigail Williams. John also is the tragic protagonist of the play due to this flaw. Reverend Hale, a witch-craft identifier expert who spent almost the entirety of his life knowledging himself about evil spirts, and finally Reverend Parris, a church Minister who is a very weak hated man. The first motivation recognized by the reader is reputation, it is the earliest recognisable themes in the text and influences the characters in Salem, in addition to being adapted as soon as the text begins with Reverened Parris beside his daughter,named betty, who is in a coma. In act one we see reverend parris fearing the idea of the causes of his daughters coma, has previously he had discovered her, his niece Abigail and a variety of other girls dancing in the woods, with atleast one of them naked. As Salem is regarded a Puritan religious town this is unacceptable and is a tell-tale sign of witchcraft. This leads to the horrors building up in Parris’s head of the possibilities of witchcraft in Salem. Next we see that Parris begins questioning his niece Abigail about the event, and as the increasingly suspicious answers occur, it hints witchcraft surrounding his daughters coma. At this point in the text it is clear, Parris is a man who cares…

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